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A serie of photographs I took and loved the most! it was July 16th, 2009 at Carhaix festival, France and shows all the pleasure to be both on stage Evan James and Bruce: love between a father and his son.


Letters to Bruce Springsteen,

Monday, October 3rd, 2016


An autobiography like no other ones!

Hi Bruce ! I Red, this long time awaited autobiography in 4 days and closed his last pages a few minutes ago...

Thanks, to be one more time, but may be even more than ever (if it is possible!?!) so honest and true.

And to answer one of your last question you asked to yourself: yes, you succeeded by writing this book. You let us enter your life more than ever (one more sign you trust and love us) with the authenticity, simplicity, modesty and humility we love so much in you.

May your dark shadows leave your life forever!


Jacques ''Jack'', creator of -

Monday, October 19th, 2015

Hi Bruce !

I created this web site more than a decade ago.

It was supposed, at first time, to be called : 'Letters to Bruce'...

But, then, I discovered that web domain name was available, so I thought it was more convenient to espect to join you one of this futur years because...

My first intention was to get the opportunity to try to communicate with you!

Then I thought, I was no more (and no less ;-) than one of your long time french fan (since The River) so I decided, to stay in the shadow, and oriented this site to informations about you in french language to the attention of your french fans (and some of them, like most of french people are so bad when come the time to speak and understand foreign language...). So I was usefull for the community.

Because, I discovered, by so many contacts I had with them since (because of this site), that it was also a pleasure to be a part of and exchange with this unique community: Bruce Springsteen's fans.

I am 56 now, became a grand father a few months ago of my first grand son, and what is his first name ?... Clarence ! (my daughter is a big fan of you too!).

So came the third generation and I hope we will both get time enough to show him one of your futur show !

When I first listen to The River album I was only 21 and I almost cannot believe that I jumped in that River since... 35 years. I was a young guy full of dreams (I had the chance to realized most of them) and became since one of your million fans.

It is always weird to try to define why you are a fan of a singer, a writer, a composer, a painter or any other kind of artist.

Some kind of strange alchimy (that define more or less what you are yourself) worked between you and this artist for some unkown and mysterious reasons.

Since 1980, I had the pleasure to see so many of your concerts, from big place (Tunel of Love tour 1988)* to intimate Ghost Of Tom Joad Tour concerts and your last show in Paris, july 11th, 2016. Took hundreds of photographs (hided camera and big lenses in my socks ;-)

So I wanted to thank you so much to be part of my life since these 35 years. You are some kind of Grand Brother, I have never had. Thanks for your music I listen so often, words and songs I appreciate so much, and most of all: generous ideas you carry and good actions for so many people you had.

Jacques ''Jack'', creator and webmaster of -

* : I was not abble to be one of those to see Born In The USA tour in La Courneuve, France, my only brother got married the same day (God damned brother he divorced nine month later !-).

Mardi 11 juillet 2016


Lundi 11 juillet 2016. Paris, Bercy, France.

Arrivée 14h30 avec ma fille (la roue tourne...). 4 heures d'attente au milieu des fans purs et durs, ceux arrivés des heures avant le concert pour bénéficier d'un bonne place dans la fosse sans payer plus que ce déjà scandaleux 90 € (merci au passage à l'Accord Hotel Arena qui semble privilégier le fric à toutes autres considérations. Je regrette déjà l'époque, pas si lointaine, ou l'accès à 100% de la fosse était facturé un tarif tout de même plus raisonnable et accessible à tous ceux n'hésitant pas à le payer... Par des heures d'attente).

Entrée dans l'enceinte de Bercy à 18h30, le concert débute à 19h46 :

Bruce, une fois n'est pas coutume, arrive en solo et nous interprète ''Incident on 57th Street'' au piano. Puis s'est l'arrivée du E Street et on démarre sur les chapeaux de roues avec ''Reason To Believe''

My Daughter Mélanie (mother of his first son: Clarence) and I, waiting for your Paris show, July 2016


Suivront : Badlands, Into the Fire, The Ties That Bind, Sherry Darling, Jackson Cage, Two Hearts, Independence Day, Hungry Hear, Out in the Street, Crush on You, You Can Look (But YouBetter Not Touch), Death to My Hometown, Nebraska, The River, Point Blank, Cadillac Ranch, I'm a Rocker, Darlington County, Tougher Than the Rest, Drive All Night, The Rising, Land of Hope and Dreams.

Alors que le premier rappel est entamé par un ''Ramrod'' énergique, le son se coupe et les écrans géants s'éteignent brutalement tandis qu'un message de sécurité se fait entendre nous enjoignant de quitter Bercy par les issues de sécurité... Quelques secondes d'inquiétude tout de même vu les circonstances puis, qu'à cela ne tienne, le public parisien ne se démonte pas pour autant et la chanson se terminera chantée à capella par la foule !!! 20 minutes plus tard Bruce et le E Street entonnent un ''Dancing in the Dark'' tout à fait approprié, puis se sera ''Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out'', une excellent reprise de ''Shout'' (à la fin de laquelle Steven recouvre les épaules de Bruce d'une cape et le reconduit bras dessus, bras dessous comme deux vieillards claudiquants, rentrant à l'hospice ;-), ''Bobby Jean'' sonne le retour des E Streeters backstage



Fidèle à la tradition, Bruce invite une fan durant ''Dancing In The Dark''.

Cette année, ce seront deux heureuses élues au lieu d'une qui y auront droit !!!

Bruce Springtseen live in Bercy, Paris, freance 11072016

Un Bruce Springsteen au top nous salut avant une période de rappel (dont la durée est celle du concert de certains autres artistes !...)

Photos : Jacques Mouchet

Dancing in the dark




La soirée s'achève à 23h34 après un ''Thunder Road'' de toute beauté, interprété en solo sur une de ses Takamine acoustique.

3h48mn de concert (en soustrayant les 20 minutes d'interruption).


Faites-nous parvenir vos témoignages (et vos meilleurs photos) des deux concerts nous les publierons avec plaisir (avec votre autorisation) !

Jacques ''Jack'', creator and webmaster of -



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